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True knowledge lies within
do not get mind fucked
do your research
read and pass down the truth
pass down the real knowledge of this wicked world
look within the stars and the constellations

You will find no Role Playing here. This web site is also NOT a dating service. Here are tons more resources on the site for you to continue expanding your knowledge of Wicca, Paganism, and related topics of a "new age" nature for beginners and the long time practitioner. The discussion forum is an especially helpful place if you have specific questions. I am constantly adding information to this website, and though it may not seem updated that often (weekly - sometimes biweekly), I am working on it almost everyday. I have many plans for the future of this website and you can look forward to. Be sure and check the messageboard often for the latest news and updates

Why join this site?
*free magic class
All lessons are in the forum, however it is hidden and not view-able by guest, you must register to become a member in order to see the forum as a whole. There are no costs or fees for any of these classes. Approaching these classes with an open mind will help. 

we only ask for your age due to some class are for mature (18+) only and we trust that you don't lie to us. Yes, we realize it isn't fair to base maturity off of age only  but that is the legal system. If we suspect that you are younger we reserve the right to see proof of identification, if you refuse then you will be remove from that class (you can remain in the school but you are no longer can take that particular class)
* E-books, witchcraft magazine, Occult Software (free download)
Can be found under Interactive on the site menu. Magickal e-books, Witchcraft Magazine, Occult software that include but not limited to various types of divination such as Astrology, Numerology, Cartomancy, Rune, Celtic Lore, I Ching, Dreams, Herbal Lore, Meditation, Enochian..etc. All free to our members, another reason to sign up today
Meet other people who have the same interest as you. Become a member to join any existing circle today. Currently we have the following
- Seekers
- Mystics
- Templars
Fun group activity, contest, members meeting ...etc
Mission Statement
Witchtopia.com is a free online site about magic and witchcraft. We offers a series of courses from beginner to advance level and a wide spectrum of everything in between. With thousands of information available on websites as well as book, we understand that it gotta be overwhelm for anyone to grasp the understand of magic, especially for solitary.
The goal of this site is to help students develop their own way to practicing witchcraft/magic
We believe there isn't ONE exact way to follow witchcraft. We are not here to tell you what to think. We are here to provide you a broad range of knowledge and basic skill for a better understanding of the occult.
Students may learn at their own pace, we understand that you all have lives offline (or we hope that you do anyway) you maybe busy or sometimes things just get in the way, or you may be slower than the others and that's ok. We do not ask for 100% perfection from anyone. All that we ask for is that you show commitment to the learning and try your best. Take time to read the lesson as it has been put together by the wonder people who spends many long hours, time and effort into it.
Classes are comprised of readings the material and answering questions. We highly encourage original thinking and group discussion in our school. As a student you will work with a guide, you are free to ask questions and exchange idea as you go through the lesson.
We believe that witchcraft is a tradition of sharing information, it is now the knowledge get spread so we can learn. This site is non-profit. We wish to provide you a safe haven, where your ideas are freely express, your voice will be heard and you will meet many other great people








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